Thursday, February 14, 2008



A curious twinkle followed the scurrying ant.
A waving finger accompanied the gibberish chant.
Each paused as if enchanted by a magical spell.
Trying to see if the other, any trouble would foretell.

Then as if by mutual consent, they set forth in unison.
In synchronized step, like two soldiers of a division.
A few short steps and the sugar crystal drew near.
The march was halted by the one in the rear.

He drew up his knees and landed right on his derriere
While the ant eyed its prize with some renewed fear .
A heightened frenzy made the chants more gibberish
With a determined effort the ant’s movements were feverish.

But ooooooh , just what was this liquid pool ?
Unleashed it seems was oodles of baby drool !
The ultimate weapon had been used in this war
While the ant was only prepared for a dental spar !

But this toothless wonder had won, it did seem
For a triumphant smile the chubby face did beam.
Jabbing the air with a wand like finger
The decisive mind not a moment did linger.

Gathered up the loot like a swooping sea gull
Dropped it in the mouth on its tastes to mull be filed under ‘likeable’
Now to resume the hunt for things as remarkable!

The ant , the little thing, despite a broken heart
Had embarked on the very thing with a reasonable head start!
Now the two of them are having another exciting chase
The essential early practice session for Life’s rat race !

Writer's Island Prompt: RIVALS ( 04 April 2008)


Ravin said...

What can I say? Fantastic imagination and great story telling... who could have thought about a sugar cube, an ant and a baby at the same time?

:-) Great stuff!

Aparna Bagwe said...

yessssssssss i duplicate what ravin says above.. and just wanna add... c'est magnifique, madame.. im maha impressed.. keep writing lady.. u cant stop.. think of all of us.. mar jayenge sookhe mey

Mister KB said...

simply enjoyed this...

Ritu said...

Awesome!!!! I bow to your fantastic imagination. I loved this work of yours

Mad Kane said...

Hahaha! I liked that!

Rambler said...

oh great imagination.. amazingly thought..

anthonynorth said...

Excellently done,
and so much fun!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Man, that's clever! Great take on the prompt, too.

keith hillman said...

Absolutely marvellous! Oodles of baby drool and toothless wonders! I'm still chasing my ant 50 years on!

Thanks for your comment on my poem, although I have to say it's not in the same league as yours.