Wednesday, February 20, 2008


A pearl
Glistening softly and bright
Iridescent in the morning light
Lay quivering on a leaf’s brink
For the sleeping bud to drink .

एक कली
फैलाकर पंखुरी , अन्गदाइयां लेती
ओस की बूँद से फ़िर वह नहाती
हवा के झोंके मे है कपकपाती
चमन मे खुशबू अपनी दे उडाती
A scent
A mere hint and oh-so mild
Alluring like a playful child
Rides the gentle summer’s breeze
Then nestles against the towering trees.

यह पेड़
शाखों पे पत्ते हरे
जैसे मन मे विचार भरे
कुछ सूख कर पड़े पीले
कई खिलकर फूले फले ।


Indrani Ghose said...

Read a Hindi poem after a very long time. Nice one. Happy writing!

Punam said...

Very nice, both the english and the hindi verses. Talking about nature always leaves us inadequate. The more we describe it, the more it yearns to be described.