Friday, May 16, 2008


On an impulse she had taken the bus.
And landed at the beach, after office, thus.
He was touring and in another city
But wasting a lovely evening would be such a pity.
She walked barefoot, her work shoes in hand
As a gentle breeze toyed with an errant strand.
The setting sun painted the skies with its glow
And she reviewed her life like a rerun show .
Sweet nothings, caresses and happy tears ...
Changed to angry words , distances and niggling fears.
She casually glanced at folks nursing their sun downer
When she suddenly spied her touring out-of-towner !!
As she watched them holding hands and passionately kissing
Her feet turned cold and her disbelieving heart went missing.
Sick and dizzy as Betrayal took her on a choppy ride
She returned to Calm with the incoming tide.
Her throat was dry and her eyes a tear stained red.
But an inexplicable lightness swirled in her head.
Despair and anger gave way to a new emotion.
Changing the situation from Betrayal to Liberation.

For Writer's Island Prompts : Impulse / Betrayal / Liberation.
16th May 2008.

Friday, May 9, 2008



I thought ...Man and wife

Swearing eternal love for Life.

But people do change their mind.

Often leaving spouse and promises behind.


I thought ... a loyal dog.

For an approving look so willing to slog.

But they age so much faster

Often leaving behind a sorrowing master.


I thought hard and long

Spouse nor dog , both were wrong.

For faithful to his very end

Is for a man ...HIS OWN END !!!

For from the moment that he is born

It is to Death that he is sworn.

Despite Life’s roller coaster ride

Death is ever faithful and by his side.

An indulgent smile allowing him his breath

Completely loyal , an all-knowing Death.

Do read "Dream state ...and The Awakening" for my take on the WI prompt "Fantasy" / 09 May 2008

WI Prompt / 09 May 2008 : "FAITHFUL"

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Tigress.

Her glinting eyes a cold and steely grey

Watched him as if he were helpless prey.

Fear ran rivulets on his furrowed brow

He knew he had to escape the situation somehow.

Then Jack was nimble and Jack was quick

And Jack knew this was his last possible trick .

Like a vision it dawned, with a blinding flash

He yanked the wire in a sudden dash .

A twirl a cut a split a splice ..and it seemed ready.

Though her eyes darted, the expectant smile was steady.

His fumbling fingers tripped over the keys

Shaking and shivering like his jellied knees.

With a hesitant spurt as it spluttered to life

She slid to position like, through butter, a hot knife.

As the ferocious roar turned into a delighted purr

He seemed relieved at the lack of flying fur .

As her exuberant fingers hit the keyboard again

He tiptoed backwards and out of her den.

Out in the open, he sagaciously nodded his head

And a knowing smile on his face then spread.

He urged his bike to a sputtered kick start

And zoomed out of there with a relieved heart.

For he knew ........

Prolonged absence from the net makes people strange

Some go wild or some even dangerously derange !!

Writer's Island Prompt / 02 May 2008 : "FEROCIOUS".