Friday, October 15, 2010

A Birthday.

Beaten and battered.
Passed through fire.
The goodness of Life
Sandwiched between.
Holding aloft
The  promise of
A bright tomorrow.
What is a Birthday ….
But a piece of cake ?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Knock

कल दिल के धड़कन ने दस्तक दी I

तुम्हारे बदन की सोंधी खुशबू 

हँसीके एक झोंके पर सवार,  

मन के झरोखे में से आकर, 

कुछ सोयी यादें जगा गयी I

कल दिल के धड़कन ने दस्तक दी I

वर्ना जबसे सपने भी 

इन फूलों के रंग लिये फरार हुए, 

इस वीरान खंडहर में 

आसकी बूँद की टपक भी 

कहीं गूंजती नहीं I

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Muse

On the cool monsoon breeze
You drifted in to caress my cheek.
Then gently floating down to rest
By my unaware palm. While I
Too busy and very engrossed
Continued with an oblivious fervor.
So there you lay
Patient and indulgent.
Waiting for  Imagination to awaken
And take us on that flight of fancy.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A thought in the passing

A thought fluttered past.
Riding the gentle breeze
That drifted down Memory Lane.
Brown with age
 Its well thumbed edges curled and torn.
Its fragile veins still showing the beauty
Of Love that once flowed through it.
There was new life at the crossroads
Where ambitions and desires went their separate ways.
A decision taken .
Feet that once walked together
Now danced to different drummers .
A thought fluttered past.
Away on the gentle breeze
That drifted to the end of Memory Lane.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Gathering her Hopes , her dreams of Tomorrow
She wrapped them in his legacy of Sorrow.
And then in the still of the night
With hurried steps , she took flight.
Not a trace of her did they find
Except for the sparkle of tears left behind.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We stopped at Lockerbie on our drive from Manchester to Edinburgh . Here , we visited "The Garden of Remembrance"  at the local cemetery , built to commemorate the victims of the Pan Am disaster of 21st December 1988.

The picture below is of an angel on a tombstone erected many years , in fact decades, before the disaster . But it felt as if the angel was still in prayer for those who died in the crash .

We spent a quiet few moments in remembrance while a row of cherry blossoms carpeted  the grounds with their petals.


An angel stood
Fearful and petrified.
As bits of shattered dreams then gently
Drifted aimlessly, on wings that had broken presently.

An angel stood
Sorrowful and helpless.
As icy December winds could not put out the flames
That roared alive as misguided men ..played their merciless games.

An angel stood
Quiet and sad.
As charred ashes ....returned to Earth
Bringing to an abrupt end ..a journey begun at birth.

An angel stood
Silent and in prayer .
For unlucky souls ..that Peace they find
And Strength ... for those they had left behind.

An angel stood
Watchful and tireless.
As the cherry blossoms ...for decades and years
Profuse in a delicate pink ..wept copious and silent tears.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pipe Dreams .... A Sedoka

Rusty and discarded they lie
Where once they glistened with Ambitious Hope
Bound by gossamer webs of the Past.
Shells that no longer hold
The gushing force of raison d’être
Now forgotten and old ..someone's pipe dreams.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


bloomed sure and eager
sunkissed and confident, brimming with
tender lofty dreams of Tomorrow .

watched dark and lecherous
arrogant and conceited , unmindful of her
tender lofty dreams of Tomorrow .

stood ravaged and devastated
riddled and torn , rot curling edges of her
tender lofty dreams of Tomorrow .

forgot and moved on
Oblivious and uncaring , as withered petals of her
tender lofty dreams of Tomorrow .

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Path

Checkered experiences
Build a path towards tomorrow.
Gentle shadows of memories
Create a respite from the scorching harshness.
Streaks of Joy bring in
Brightness to show us the way ahead
Lumbering footsteps
Change pace to a quick step.
A renewed desire surges
Bringing us even closer .
The blurred horizon at the yonder
Seems a little more defined .
Then the path takes another turn
And Life just goes on right ahead …

Monday, February 15, 2010


The door
Stood slightly ajar.
In an attempt to shield from prying eyes.

The chiffon
Peeked from round the corner.
Shyly blushing a deeper pink.

The trouser
Had followed boldly,
And now lay in a crumpled heap.

The entwined fingers
Snuggled deep into the
Gently heaving navel.

The lips rested
On the back of the nape.
Rhythmic breath whistling of dreams.

The voile curtains
Swayed ecstatic in the breeze
Billowing in the wafting emotions.

The errant sunbeam crept in
Surreptitiously to deepen
The flush on the glowing, moist skin.

The night of the storm had passed.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Frail, tired, withered and old .....
Resting on a limb
He reached out
For a moment to hold
A vague memory of
Youthful glory
Still lingering in
The faded wrinkles.
Then letting go
With quiet resignation
He continued with gravity
Till he was one
From whence he had sprung.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Colored Pains

The warmth of the setting sun
Slipped in through the glass
Of the doorway of the past .
To rock his chair a little gently
Setting in motion his dalliance
With the colorful shadows of Memories.

The firmness of grapes
Ripening a little
Juicy but tart.
Her favorite fruit.

A burst of Summer
Tinting the gossamer wings
Of flitting butterflies.
The glow on her joyous face.

Blue .
A meandering river
Reflecting the clear skies
With pleats of clouds.
The six yards of her sari.

Brilliant and lethal.
Dazzling beams of
An errant headlight.
Her pallid face drained with fear.

A traditional dot.
Marking her love
For him eternally.
Washed away by the growing trickle. ...............

The rhythm of the chair
Came to a standstill
As the colors seeped out
From under the doorway
Along with the setting sun.