Sunday, August 9, 2009


Her ethereal beauty, a parallel unseen
She was dressed in a leafy green.
With her smile bloomed a thousand flowers
Her scented breath every being overpowers.
Her flowing tresses mirrored the blue skies
Bringing forth a murmur of sighs.
So smitten was he by her beauty
He honoured their marriage as a solemn duty.

The early days were so full of care and love
It seemed like the gods were smiling from above.
He gave back as much, of the love he got.
Attentive to each other’s needs, rarely they fought.
She gave him fruit of her labour and quenched his thirst
And he made sure that what he took, he replenished first.
They showed and expressed their love in a thousand ways
But so short lived were those wonderful honeymoon days .

But soon a subtle change came about him
Becoming self-centred and he was moody on a whim.
He ravaged her heart and called it “mine”
He drew power from her tresses and thought himself Divine.
He destroyed her beautiful leafy green veil.
Leaving her protective blue, with a riddled trail.
To the very beauty that had enamoured him so
He now lay to waste every bit, blow by blow.

Her broken heart quaked in tremulous pain
Her anguished wails raised a tempest again.
The oceans rose with her tears of sadness
Saline rebellion at his unbelievable madness
Her once scented breath, now polluted and grey
Hung low and suffocating , taking his away !
Her veil now torn and cast asunder
Scorched his lands and him for his blunder .

To keep alive he wrestled in vain
Gasping for water and craving for grain.
What was once so green now lay all yellow
Stretches of barren arid and fallow.
Unmoved by him or even the bird or the bee
She turned a deaf ear to their impassioned plea.
Hell has no fury like a woman scorned
She raved and ranted while the whole world mourned.
If only he could assuage and cool her down
If only he could smooth the wrinkles of her frown.
If only he could undo the harm of before
If only he could her calm restore.
If only he could quieten her whimpers of gloom
If only he could prevent his own doom.
If only he could beloved Nature remind
If only he could be a genuine Man Kind.
If only he could ..
If only we could.....
If only we would .................

Its a long one I agree .... but so is our relationship with Nature/ Environment.
Let's find a way to get back our harmony.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Raindrop.

A drop
Petered down to the sill .
I wondered if it would
The water table fill .

A drop
Pattered down the pane.
I wondered if it would
ease the farmer's barren pain.

A drop
Bubbled down to the Earth
I wondered if it would
Bloom a bud in joyful mirth.

A drop
Trickled over the water pipe
I wondered if it would
Wet the inside and our tears wipe .

A drop
Burst the bubble of comfort
I wondered if it would
Quench a parched throat that hurt.

A drop
Drizzled now and again
I wondered if it would
Finally be the Monsoon then ?

A large part of India was declared drought stricken due to the delay of the Monsoons.
Grey rain bearing clouds would hang low over the city but would do no more than tease the parched hopeful throats dry from 40% water cuts and power shutdowns which were the order of the day .
These environmental changes have been put down to Global Warming and are said to be ominous indications of times to come.