Saturday, April 26, 2008

Size does matter.....

Outrageous”, I had screamed in quiet fury

Surveying the clothes strewn around in a hurry.

There had been such anticipation and sense of excitement

And that alluring black bustier had been a definite enticement.

He had stood expectantly , hanging on to my every word

He tried to reason and his eyes even implored.

But I stood my ground and looked at him with scorn.

And that once caring man was now my enemy sworn.

Taking a deep breath, I held it in till it hurt ...

And continued to resolutely zip up the velvet skirt.

My fingers quivered and my hand , it shook

I steeled myself to put in all the effort it took .

His words came back to me and I almost died

I lost my composure, then broke down and cried.

Feeling all exhausted and tired and spent

My reckless rebellion I sincerely did repent.

Now sorrowfully I would ask him to take back

The skirt that I had picked up off the rack .

For the store hand had been right

That god damn skirt was definitely too tight !!

Writer's Island Prompt / 25th April 2008 :" Outrageous"

Never Ending Completion.

A n errant dog barks at the crescent moon.

A silent leaf to the ground does swoon.

Quiet are the dusty winding ways

Except for a hoot through the opaque haze.

A guard yawns loud and rather lazily .

While the drunk weaves about very crazily .

Silence sings the song of the cricket

Moonlight gleams on the leaves of the thicket

The twinkling stars blink away the night

And it is soon time for the first daylight .

The cloak of darkness parts for the nascent sun.

Heralding that the new day has just begun.

The cricket’s nightsong gives way to twitter

The wake- up call for every living critter .

As Day follows Night in eternal rotation

A diurnal cycle of never ending COMPLETION.

Writer's Island Prompt / 25 April 2008 :"COMPLETION"