Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Survivor.

My chest swells with immense pride

As she walks to me , my blushing bride.

Very soon she is a doting mother

Then her headaches begin to bother.

She has a lesion in her brain

That is causing us all this pain.

While our daughters grow under Love and Care

Her life becomes a Death defying dare.

Doctors and medicines are her rigmarole

While on the Grim Reaper’s parole.

For eleven years she kisses and hugs

Our daughters , and my heartstring tugs.

Now weak and soon bedridden

She tries to keep her emotions hidden.

With gestures now she tries to talk

As our daughters’ futures she tries to chalk.

Her frustrating efforts make her laugh

Or when translating, I make a gaffe .

On her forehead I trace my fingers.

Perhaps a pain there still lingers.

Her heart is now a pulsating beep.

Her eyes are still as if in sleep.

The green lines of her mind

Are slowly straightening ,I soon find.

A tear escapes my soundless cry

Onto her unmoving eyes so dry .

“Snatch her back” I start to think

“From that deadly abysmal brink.”

Such a wretched plan does Fate connive

She passes on while I survive.

It is now close to four years

But my eyes still brim with fresh tears.

Her loving thoughts, my mind do grace

Still brightens my world, her radiant face.

And my other half is an empty side,

For she no longer walks, my blushing bride.

Writer's Island Prompt :"Survivor" 18 April 2008.

P.S. I request you to also read "her" point of view in "Life a hurry"


Gene Bach said...

Cool poem. You write well.

Punam said...

That is sadder than the previous one, Shubd

Don't you think it is a lifetime-more tougher for the near n dear ones of the passed-away soul, to face the loss of her?

Brought tears in my eyes, this one. You express so well.

Indrani said...

How can life be so cruel... there was a lump in my throat as I read on.

j.c. montgomery said...

Being a survivor is hard...hard for those who lose someone they love and have to move on...and those who were afflicted and survive.

The hardest thing for me (I realize as I read this) is the overwhelming guilt I still feel from time to time. I wish there were a better word as guilt implies I've done something wrong by surviving...but I can't help it...its just there...this is heart-wrenching, but it needs to be shared, and you did it so well.

b said...

I wept for the loss and I rejoices for the survival. It is what I would want for my husband or myself. Thank you for the invitation to read.
Beautifully crafted.


keith hillman said...

I had to sit quietly for several monutes after reading this. For once I was lost for words. The way you told this story was so moving -your use of language awe-inspiring.
I'm so pleased you brought me here

SandyCarlson said...

There are no words for my silent awe; I won't attempt any. Thank you for sharing this powerful work. God bless.

shubd07 said...


I know the feeling you are talking of . When we are affected we say "Why me " and when we are given a new lease of life we often stop to wonder again "why me " .
From your writing I know you to be a sensitive and caring person . Perhaps what you went through has made you even more so.
And I am glad to have been given this opportunity to have come across a person like you.

Thank you all for reading.

I am not sure if I can put this well,but let me attempt it.

It is difficult to go through the pain of suffering and face the finality of death. But perhaps it is a little more difficult for the ones left behind as there often are moments in Life that make one relive the pain . And yet one has no choice but to go on.

My friend is particularly grateful to all of you for the support and empathy shown.Sharing and caring can surely help to ease the pain .

Suma said...

both the poems are very very poignant... i think the ones left behind suffer the most...may they have enough strength to face teh world everyday...

Just Jen said...

You are both survivors!
Very sad and touching, beautifully written

shubd said...

@ Suma and Jen

Thanks .
Yes it is difficult for the 'survivor' must take a special kind of determination to continue to live Life as best as one can .