Saturday, April 26, 2008

Never Ending Completion.

A n errant dog barks at the crescent moon.

A silent leaf to the ground does swoon.

Quiet are the dusty winding ways

Except for a hoot through the opaque haze.

A guard yawns loud and rather lazily .

While the drunk weaves about very crazily .

Silence sings the song of the cricket

Moonlight gleams on the leaves of the thicket

The twinkling stars blink away the night

And it is soon time for the first daylight .

The cloak of darkness parts for the nascent sun.

Heralding that the new day has just begun.

The cricket’s nightsong gives way to twitter

The wake- up call for every living critter .

As Day follows Night in eternal rotation

A diurnal cycle of never ending COMPLETION.

Writer's Island Prompt / 25 April 2008 :"COMPLETION"


keith hillman said...

Shubd - this is simply enchanting. I particularly like 'The cricket’s nightsong gives way to twitter'. A lovely pice in deed.

Whilst here I'd like to thank you so much for your support of my blog. Your comments are always such a pleasure to read

Priya Iyer said...

hi! i m a first timer here. came here via writer's island. nice poem. :)

btw was glad to find ur blog bcos like u, i too love language in spite of being a commerce student. :)

Indrani said...

Beautiful moments of night and dawn. :)

paisley said...

wonderful take on the prompt.. and excellently executed.....

shubd said...

@keith hillman

Thank you for your comment.
Nature is beautiful. I can only hope that I am able to do justice to her :)
Your 'twist in the tale' signature gives your work such an unusual flavour ..the pleasure is all mine :)

Welcome :)
Glad to know you enjoy Language too !

That is is the Hour of the Muse .. has to be beautiful :)

Thank you Paisely. I know you write very those words from you mean a lot :)

jadey said...

Shubd what a great post. Very nicely done.

anthonynorth said...

Transition and completion. The purpose of nature. Well put. Vivid.

shubd said...

Thanks Jadey and Anthony North .

Each 24 hour cycle is so complete in itself and yet is part of a continuous process. Somewhat like us. We are complete individual entities and yet a microcosm of a unit when considered to the whole of mankind.

Rambler said...

"The cloak of darkness parts for the nascent sun.

Heralding that the new day has just begun."

I found this very metaphorical..lovely use of words

suma said...

you've captured this beautifully... i liked the part when night turns into day...very very magical!!!

shubd07 said...

@rambler , suma

Thank you both . Perhaps that being the hour of the Muse it probably turns out well as a tribute to her :)

tumblewords said...

Nice work! The words are superb and the images flow!

Prats said...

wow! the whole cycle , rendered picturesque. Loved the way you've brought in all activities into the passing of day and night.

shubd said...

@tumblewords and prats

Thank you ever so much .
Nature is such a great inspiration :)