Thursday, April 17, 2008

Life a hurry

It is the morning flurry

I pack the kids off in a hurry

There never is ever enough time

As always school mornings are a pantomime.

A moment of peace and I breathe a sigh

Then glance at the chores waiting patiently by !

With renewed determination I then plod along..

Life is so full and the day seems so long.

Mmmmm ..that pain keeps distracting me

Now where’s that headache pill , let me see.

Doesn’t seem to be working, maybe I should rest.

Perhaps a lie-down just might be the best.

It is the morning flurry

The morning rush is simply a blurry .

As always there never is any time

Each passing second as if hell bent on crime.

In a quiet moment I look at the clock.

It would soon be time to stand in the dock.

A fearfully hopeful mind wouldn’t dare to predict

What way would swing the doctor’s verdict.

That niggling pain is now a dull ache

For relief now there is no measure to take.

My body is racked in a terrible anticipation

The telephone ring I answer with hesitation.

It is the morning flurry

Everyone is fraught with worry .

There never was or is enough time

For Life is being snatched in its very prime.

For a short moment ,between spasms of pain

Looking at my family , I take in an eyeful again.

When suddenly crept in a thought asinine

Was it okay to die at thirty nine ?

The pain is now fierce and so constant

Then there is this blinding searing instant.

Time fades away as it doesn't exist now.

As to Fate my limp head does bow.


Lion Chiller said...

there are no ways to console this one! the poem is poignant!

Indrani said...

Very sad one. I hope this was not true. It is just a fiction of your imagination.

j.c. montgomery said...

Very, Very powerful.

As each of us are different, so is our perception of time, especially when we think ours has come.

I took mine to write a son a letter that, thank god, he will never read as I was lucky and survived the poor prognosis I was given.

I was also lucky in that any pain I suffered was internal, the drugs saw to that. Its funny. I had as many, or more, for the side effects I suffered more so than the actual cancer.

I am lucky. Very lucky, as this poem reminds me.

Thank you. You are a very special person shubd.

Linda Jacobs said...

I like the three parts to this, almost like the three parts of life. Unfortunaltely, for this person, her parts are way too short.

Crafty Green Poet said...

very moving poem, I like the way you end the first line of each stanza with flurry but give it a differnet rhyme,

keith hillman said...

I am so pleased that you invited me to read your poem. It is so moving,yet you have avoided making it overly sentimental.
So sad.

SandyCarlson said...

I like this very much. As one who fears the next trip to the doctor for the very reasons raised up here, I find this especially moving. How hard to find the "truth" of one's condition when life is so busy going on.

Thanks for directing me to this.

Greyscale Territory said...

I am not a good one to go to the doctor for any reason.

But this poem creates a gentle warning not to take too much for granted.


shubd said...

@lion chiller
No, there are no words that can ever offer the right solace I think .

How I wish it were a figment of my imagination . I wrote this after a heartfelt talk with a friend about his wife.

Thank you J.C. YOU are a special person. Having been there you will surely be able to best relate .

thanks Linda. The idea of breaking it into 3 stanzas was to show the 3 phases of a life when unaware of the coming calamity ..the waiting for the verdict...the execution of the sentence ..and hence the colors used for them too for Life for for the black mood.

@crafty green poet

That repetition was an attempt to show how Life goes on as a routine but under that veneer of daily mundane matters each day is different with the surprises it throws at us.

@keith hillman
thanks .. the situation itself has enough packed in it I didnt think it would be right to add any more to it.

yes it is the most difficult thing to stomach that when everything around you is going on with such regular routine your Life is falling apart ... how impervious to individual pain Life can be!

I thank all of you for sharing this moment with my friend and me.

shubd said...


Thank you for stopping by.
And you are right Life can be full of surprises ..even nasty ones.

Richard said...

oh my! it took me a bit to catch on that something dire was about to transpire, and you kept me going til the end.

Pauline said...

Often poetry is the best way to express what we are feeling. You've dong a fine job here of using that form.

b said...

Not only did I enjoy the poetry but I love the artful way it was presented.


Jane Doe said...

This is a wonderful piece. Very sad and powerful.

Just Jen said...

You really captured the two views of motherhood. It's true that we spend too much in a rush, then and only then when things turn for the worse, do we slow down and think of how fast time goes. Very sad and touching. Thanks for leaving me the link, I'm glad I read it.

Punam said...

That was very sad! And it was a true story?? Life's realities are often sooo hard, and each one of us feels, "it'll not be me" until God clears the hazy glass and shows us who holds the strings...


Firefighter said...

That is one of the best pieces of poetry I have ever read. Wow, I love it.

shubd said...


Isn't Life like that ! Keeps us wondering what it is up to next.

@Pauline ,b,jane doe, just

Thank you for your encouragement.

Ever since my talk with my friend I just had to express what I felt may have been that young mother's feelings.


Yes that is so true, one always thinks "it will not be me" ..till one learns the hard way.

rebecca said...

oh, shub, how very sad. it brings back painful memories of my sister who passed away a few years ago at the age of 53. she was diagnosed with cancer, stage 4 colon, given a year; a year later, she was gone. and she was such a light and bright spirit in this world. too many bright lights are extinguished too soon.

thank you for this link. and, yes, it was something that i would have wanted to read. it was very, very well written. you did it tremendous justice.


the teach said...

Oh my, Shubd! I didn't expect that ending! Which is why it's such a good poem! :D

Geraldine said...

Very sad and so touching. I like the way you wrote this in parts, also added impact and emotion. Well done!

shubd said...


Thank you .
It pains even to think of it. To have lived it must have been so difficult.