Sunday, January 17, 2010


Frail, tired, withered and old .....
Resting on a limb
He reached out
For a moment to hold
A vague memory of
Youthful glory
Still lingering in
The faded wrinkles.
Then letting go
With quiet resignation
He continued with gravity
Till he was one
From whence he had sprung.


the walkerman said...

i have often wished i could say so much about such small things in such few words but never could- at one level about a flower or leaf- at another level- life, anyone's story. only you could do it SN !!!!!

shubd said...

Thanks for reading Neelesh.

I find that often the unsaid says far more than words.
Being such a wonderful writer yourself, your compliments are a definite pleasure.

Rashmi said...

The journey began with a mere seed,
blossomed into youth and blazed a trail....
It continued to Autumn radiating beauty that was pure delight,
The path then ended in embracing Mother Earth,
whence a new sapling will now arise to trace a different path....

Indrani said...

So well written.
Loved reading this.

InkTank said...

an expansive journey, so simply put! now whats more beautiful? the picture or the verse? u say!