Monday, February 15, 2010


The door
Stood slightly ajar.
In an attempt to shield from prying eyes.

The chiffon
Peeked from round the corner.
Shyly blushing a deeper pink.

The trouser
Had followed boldly,
And now lay in a crumpled heap.

The entwined fingers
Snuggled deep into the
Gently heaving navel.

The lips rested
On the back of the nape.
Rhythmic breath whistling of dreams.

The voile curtains
Swayed ecstatic in the breeze
Billowing in the wafting emotions.

The errant sunbeam crept in
Surreptitiously to deepen
The flush on the glowing, moist skin.

The night of the storm had passed.


Rashmi said...

Ohhhhhhh....!!!!!!simply put, "WOW"!!!:) <3

InkTank said...

speechless... passion is one emotion which is so easy to release, express, feel,execute, and so so impossibly difficult to narrate as effectively as it is felt. and here, in these verses you effortlessly bring about its entire force... superbly narrated. shifted my heart beats into top gear:)

Jitu(Jyoti) said...

Whao!! This is... ...

Am at a loss of words...

Shuba... this is the best. :) And you know who this reminds me of... Gulzar. Will quote his translated work and you'll see what I mean. :)

Totally loved it!! :)