Friday, May 9, 2008



I thought ...Man and wife

Swearing eternal love for Life.

But people do change their mind.

Often leaving spouse and promises behind.


I thought ... a loyal dog.

For an approving look so willing to slog.

But they age so much faster

Often leaving behind a sorrowing master.


I thought hard and long

Spouse nor dog , both were wrong.

For faithful to his very end

Is for a man ...HIS OWN END !!!

For from the moment that he is born

It is to Death that he is sworn.

Despite Life’s roller coaster ride

Death is ever faithful and by his side.

An indulgent smile allowing him his breath

Completely loyal , an all-knowing Death.

Do read "Dream state ...and The Awakening" for my take on the WI prompt "Fantasy" / 09 May 2008

WI Prompt / 09 May 2008 : "FAITHFUL"


Anonymous said...

Shubd, I can't find your Skywatch :( is it on this blog or another? :(

wordcrafter said...

Succinct and clear, lovely.

Robin said...

Yes, death is the only certainty, but it's what you do on the way there that counts.

Nice writing.

MissGuided said...

I like you post. It is along a similar line to the one that was originally going through my mind. Alas the words wouldn't come. Now that I have read yours I am very glad that I wrote my mushy-come- hilarious post. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

MissGuided said...

oops, I wondered why it was rejected the first time!!!
Note to myself: Must remember to be more alert when leaving comments

anthonynorth said...

A certainty and will faithfully come, one day.
You said it very well.

keith hillman said...

You put our thoughts into words. Lovely

Writer Reading said...

Interesting rhyming pattern and repetition of key word, as well as covering the essential meanings.

Geraldine said...

This a very interesting interpretation of the prompt. Well written and unique. Glad I stopped by.

Just Jen said...

shudder....the thought of death following him around

Indrani said...

Death the ultimate truth in life, so true. Yet we get busy accumulating stuffs which we have to leave behind.

shubd said...

Thank you so much.

So true, since we already know in a sense what lies ahead, we must ensure that the journey to that point is definitely worthwhile.


Thank you Sharon . Enjoyed your post too.
True it pays to be alert all the time :)


one of the only certainties of Life .. I believe the other one is taxes !!!

@keith hillman

Thank you . It feels good to be amongst like minded people.

@writer reading.
Because of my non-literature background, it gives me particular pleasure to know that I did something right where the 'formal' structure of a poem is concerned !

And I too am glad that you stopped by . :)

@just jen
But Death is always lurking around the corner for each one of us ! It is cos' we clothe him in the Dark, Macabre and Sorrow that we tend to be in awe and shy away from him .

There is Beauty in Life . And some of it we want to possess . Which is fine as long as we don't get possessive about it ! If we are able to stay detached and enjoy all of Life's beauties we might enjoy our journey a little better .:)

Punam said...

You have a beautiful way of expression in your poetry. :-)

Jane Doe said...

What a wonderfully delightful piece. I really enjoyed it!

Rashmi said...

Beautiful! touched a chord deep within!...the knowledge that nothing/no one but Death, will take us to the 'next' level of this long winding path of eternity.....