Friday, May 16, 2008


On an impulse she had taken the bus.
And landed at the beach, after office, thus.
He was touring and in another city
But wasting a lovely evening would be such a pity.
She walked barefoot, her work shoes in hand
As a gentle breeze toyed with an errant strand.
The setting sun painted the skies with its glow
And she reviewed her life like a rerun show .
Sweet nothings, caresses and happy tears ...
Changed to angry words , distances and niggling fears.
She casually glanced at folks nursing their sun downer
When she suddenly spied her touring out-of-towner !!
As she watched them holding hands and passionately kissing
Her feet turned cold and her disbelieving heart went missing.
Sick and dizzy as Betrayal took her on a choppy ride
She returned to Calm with the incoming tide.
Her throat was dry and her eyes a tear stained red.
But an inexplicable lightness swirled in her head.
Despair and anger gave way to a new emotion.
Changing the situation from Betrayal to Liberation.

For Writer's Island Prompts : Impulse / Betrayal / Liberation.
16th May 2008.


jadey said...

I like this post. Sometimes getting away from something is liberating and sounds as now she can move on.

vishesh said...

skillfully written :) beautiful :)

gautami tripathy said...

Very liberating post!


anthonynorth said...

Nicely done, and definitely liberating.

Tammy said...

Betrayal does often lead to liberation. Bravo!

j.c. montgomery said...

Always hard at first, but now no doubt remains, that it is all for the best.

Rambler said...

very nicely done..
the pic attached too is just too good..somehow liked it a lot

Just Jen said...

oh I liked this! she didn't hold on to the betrayal and saw herself liberated...good way to take things ;)

Indrani said...

Wonderful lines Shubha, the pic enhanced it. :)

shubd said...

Thank you
Jadey, Vishesh, Gautami,Anthony,Tammy,J.C., Rambler,Jen and Indrani .

Moving on is the best thing one can do in Life. And that too with as little baggage as possible ! Which is perhaps easier said than done ,but definitely achievable .

P.S. I assure you that while my sister took that picture of me walking on the beach , there was nothing I was trying to get over but the magnificent sunset before me ! :)

Punam said...

That is such a nice poem, Shubd! Every word is put in the rightest place. Love your verses very much.


Mad Kane said...

Very well done!

Nandu Chitnis said...

Sensitivity in ur poetry is rhythmic...

Got here via FPR

Nandu Chitnis said...

You have talent....nice blog...very readable

Punam said...

Hi Shubd!

Long time, no updates?
The blogosphere misses your lovely poems, Shubd.
I have given you a Brilliant Blog Award. Do visit me to read the post.


Nandu Chitnis said...

The guy is in heavenly bliss with a young bird and she gets LIBERATED!

shubd said...

Thank you so much Punam !!
I really appreciate your award .
I am a little busy with a wedding in the family at the moment , so unfortunately have not been able to blog as much .
I really do appreciate all you folks who visit from time to time expecting a new post . May I ask those of you who do so to please take time out to go beyond the last post and read some of the previous poems I have put up .

Thank you once again Punam . :)

shubd said...

@ Nandu

The love had gone out of the relationship but as it happens ever so often in such situations people still hang on to the relationship ..sometimes out of sheer habit ( of having the other person in his/her life) .. or sometimes due to the lack of courage to accept the spark having gone out .
In such cases even a betrayal it is definitely "Liberation" as it helps to go forward in Life !!! :)

Rashmi said...

Perfect!...the title, picture, and the words!....true, liberation sometimes requires a shock of some sort...

Sapna Anu B.George said...

Great to read you here

Deliberately Thoughtless said...

Reminds me of an old Abba song.. Sad movies make me cry....
Well penned

Bahadur Patel said...

bahut sundar likha hai aapane .

The Wizard said...

Great imagination, perfect poetry and beautiful play of words.
I chanced to hit upon this post today ...will be following up for sure :)
Wish you the best always