Friday, February 15, 2008

The agitation against the presence of North Indians ,particularly the UPites and the Biharis on the state of Maharashtra and the ensuing meaningless violence and death of a Maharashtrian and a Bihari at the hands of these misguided political goons are a background to these two poems.

13th Feb 2008.
Riots of Feb 08
An insane fire burns on the horizon
The burning shell of a waylaid car
Unfailing signs of a waging war .

Blood taints the sweat that nurtured the ground
Where stood swaying in the communal breeze
Dreams of a people , who sought to live Life with some ease.

Unafraid of extinction as he continues roaring
A man-eating tiger creates mayhem in the city
For no one wants to bell this kitty .

Whipped to a frenzy , this disheartened mass
Clambering onto train , truck or a bus
Gets red-eyed as Sorrow and Fear infect the exodus

Will a flood of tears even douse the burning pyre
Of Indian dreams that Indians are now burning ?
Is this what the world will see, an un-glorious India shining ?


Ashvina said...

It takes great sensitivity to write like this...that, and an amazing way with words!

Mister KB said...

the angst is there in all right thinking people... but what carries the day is the word of hate...

Mister KB said...

and yes... thanks- if you would like to see my regular blog, try