Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Morning Blues

This morning as I woke up

A little plan I thought up

In order to chase off the Monday blues

I needed to put on my walking shoes .

Then walk I did ..up to my car

And started the ac too hot yaar !!

Then belted up and drove off quickly

To get the cure for that Monday sickly !!

No not the pharmacy or the chemist’s store

I went to this place where they had galore

Sarees and fabric from all over the country

For the simple or even the landed gentry !

The cottons ,the silks, the hues, the feel

My joyous heart they all did steal ...

When I left home my heart was heavy and blue

On the return my heart was lighter was my purse too !!!


Mister KB said...

this is the ladies special... whoa! what a way to blast the Monday blues away... hey! do you have a gmail id for me?

Mister KB said...

btw... I quit that blog... in rediffiland!

pai said...

Dat was a cool one!! made me feel lighter too!;) keep writing Shubhss!!

Swarna said...

Hmmm.. When depressed go shopping. No wonder TV channels show tempting commercials in between dismal news and soggy soaps.
Nice poems, Shubh. Thanks, Indrani, for leading me to these verses!

Ritu said...

Ha Ha, bust the credit card did we .... I do it all the time. Wonderful!!!!! :)