Friday, February 29, 2008

Shadows ...without a doubt

Always when it is time that the day is done

And the darkness of night has just about begun

And the sun nuzzles the breasts of distant hills

And the homeward bird gives out hurried shrills,

That I sense a certain fear envelope my mind

And I can feel something creeping up from behind .

What was that behind the door? A scurrying mouse?

Worried I set off running, from the house ...

Soon my hurrying feet settle into a rhythmic trot

Though my furrowed brow is still with anxiety fraught

My heart beats faster and I quicken my pace

Then some perspiration begins to lace my face .

A little further up and then I turn around

To return home with a confidence newly found !

No eerie silence on entering do I find

Nor the lengthening shadows I had left behind

That were those of the kilos I had lost earlier

And were now trying to get back on to my derriere!!

With a TRIUMPHANT smile I am glad I do not baulk

At the thought of my daily evening walk !!!

Writer's Island : Prompt "Triumph" 18 April 08


Mister KB said...

Yes! Additions to the derriere are unwelcome, indeed destructive to the ego! Built up beautifully-
brought out beautifully!

Indrani Ghose said...

wow! I didn't know thought of evening walks could evoke such feelings.
...that were those of the kilos I had lost earlier...
yes that motivates me to take my evening walks reularly:)

Uma said...

What can I can Shubha.. words are like musical notes in your hands.. what beautiful music you make!

gautami tripathy said...

It truly suits the WI prompt!

sleeping beauty

anthonynorth said...

To be triumphant in the normal is perhaps the greatest of all.

Suma said...

that is indeed something to feel triumphant about!!!

happy walking!!

jadey said...

LOL may you have many triumphant daily walks. I enjoy my walk at night as well.

Fenny said...

This one made me laugh ... though I prefer my morningwalks most ... when al is still and the world's a peaceful host

Thank you for your comment ... always nice to be a source of inspiration

black coffee said...

tahts was lovely!
now thats the kinda triumph that people strive to achieve!

i loved it!! :)

keith hillman said...

Perhaps I should walk with you! Lovely light hearted piece

shubd said...

Thank you all for celebrating my triumph with me :)
With your encouragement I shall now be able to walk that extra mile and perhaps soon achieve the target I have set for myself.

Tammy said...

What a delightful read!

paisley said...

very clever!!! even if you do have to trick yourself into it!!!!!

Rambler said...

hahah didn't expect this end at all..very funny

Rob Kistner said...

Humorous and clever -- with an important message for all... ;)

Just Jen said...

I like this, very smooth and the derrier part is so cute! :D

shubd said...

Thanks everyone :)

It is as important to enjoy your exercise as it is to be regular with it. I guess it also goes without saying that one leads to the other too !

We all want to put our troubles behind us ...but when they get there (behind) and stay there [:P] it is again a cause for worry !!

rebecca said...

i was not expecting that ending! this was so craftily done...bravo!

ooohhh, perhaps i should remember this poem each time i feel the need NOT to exercise! well done.