Monday, February 18, 2008

Picture Perfect

The drops caught square on her dimpled chin.
Hurrying and scurrying as the rain did begin.
The dust and the leaves the wind began to scatter
As the rain drops turned to a steady pitter patter

She pursed her lips , her brow creased into a frown
Her admonishes, the thundering did drown.
Exasperated she thought it was the last straw
When instead of the brolly the camera he did draw!

She stood , hands on her hips, getting soaking wet .
Seemingly annoyed, but indulgent yet.
Her wind swept hair , her shirt a bit askew.
He took a deep breath for the familiar smell he knew.

Her arms outstretched as she now beckoned to him
His eyes turned dim and wet at the rim.
She stood perfectly still with edges of silver.
A flash, a moment , of Time a little sliver.

His hair now peppered with memories , his clothes not so dapper.
His finger gently traced her face on the faded glossy paper.


Mister KB said...

Can imagine the love that went into this poem... oh yes- you can now comment or email me.... that members only barrier has been place for too long- I let it go!

Anonymous said...