Friday, February 22, 2008

The Park Bench

24 Sep 2007

Singapore National Botanical Garden.

The park bench sat in a shady nook.

The still emerald of the lake it did overlook.

It sat there peacefully, quietly beckoning.

Its inviting solitude all for your reckoning.

Side by side an elderly couple, now animatedly sat.

Talking of Life now and then, of things this and that.

Soon it got warm and they were off on their way.

Then a young mother came along around midday.

As she cajoled her baby into eating his lunch,

The older one watched a squirrel giving peanuts a crunch.

The early evening, two sisters brought along

Story books to read and songs to sing-a-long.

As the sun set, casting long shadows to the ground,

A much-in-love couple had their arms wrapped around.

Soon it was night and the park warden went home.

In a blanket of darkness, the bench was tucked in by the gnome.

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Ps said...

Hi there--thanks for dropping by.A nice poem and a lovely photo.