Saturday, November 3, 2007


Every lamp post, tree and wall

Bears witness to nature's call.

Dogs are dogs and they will not heed,

But men in India, are in perpetual need....

The permeating stench and the spreading stains

Are circumstantial evidence to human drains.

The amber tell us to slow down.

But is merely greeted with an irritated frown.

For irrelevant of whether the traffic light

Is red or green, it's always your right

To speed if you like or stop if you dare.

And the traffic police..they don't even care!

Now let's shed some light on electricity

And the shedding of load with impunity.

For the city dependant on computers and the net

Has a deplorable lack of electricity constant.

Back-ups and inverters are up for offer

If flickering darkness you don't want to suffer.

“It's the rains” they very categorically state

When confronted by protesting citizens irate.

For the potholes are many. And deep. And wide.

Making travel a very bumpy ride.

You reach your destination with a pain in the neck

Having ditched your mind and a total nervous wreck.

But through the polluting morning haze

If you cast a sharp penetrating gaze,

You will see blue hills and green tops of trees,

Smell jasmine and champa wafting on the breeze.

And then, when I hear the trill of a birdsong

I know in my heart this is where I belong.


SHANTANU said...

Very good and will be quite appreciated by RIs and NRIs both.... Others will understand when the visit Pune and witness the spectacle themselves.....

A suggestion: split the poem in stanzas of four lines, as each represents a diffrent phenomena... Clubbing all lines together may confuse the issue..... e.g. the 'amber' (light) in second stanza could be confused with the 'liquid' (amber) in the first stanza.. he he !

sandeep said...

things r a lot different now.

rajag45 said...

Facts we see daily !! Beautifully woven in words.

muse said...

Say Lady Muse -- I've always admired the way verse flows from you effortlessly. You have a very special gift from the Almighty. Keep writing!

Mayur said...

In beginning ,I reacted to Shubha's poems with startled bemusement.
Here is a poet unlike the other Indian & contemporary poets.
Her work is delicate & refined,quite & well crafted,antithesis of the pluck & bombast to which we have been subscribing to.
She is intensly personal writer.
The finesse & control with which she observes her world is unmatched.

Anonymous said...

Shubha...wonderfully done...and the rhyming does not take the zing out from the realities stated.