Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Rain

I walked in the rain today

And felt a shower of happy thoughts

Feeling light and cheery, I smiled lots and lots.

To my childhood I added yet another day.

I walked in the shower yet again

And I felt the playful drops lovingly caress

My face, as it washed off the mundane stress

I saw my carefree Youth, clear and so plain.

I walked in the constant drizzle now

The pitter patter, steady and very busy.

Scooting drops chased each other in this incessant tizzy.

The hurry ..the worry ….and I managed….

I walk now and feel gentle drops against my face

From the grey skies that have been now wrung.

Smiling upon the horizon, a rainbow, I see sprung.

Festooning the sunset to which I walk with grace .

1 comment:

Mayur said...

Shubha creates vivid images for the eyes and ears, often simultaneously.
Strong and soulful and true. A good read.