Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Flight of the Eagle

(About Man’s life cycle).

Taking baby steps on the sill , the little Sun arose.

Rubbing off some sleep even as the young cock crows.

An inquiring cry of an awakening world

As to a new day, the Earth had twirled.

On backs of sunbeams, the twitter did travel

In the nest fledglings, did themselves unravel.

An incessant flutter of parental flurry

Their insatiable mouths a constant worry.

The young day is now growing into noon

Everything’s a rush, nothing ever too soon.

Eager to spread their wings, they sit on the edge,

The horizon and beyond, to adventure they pledge.

At the zenith now, the Sun, it is all afire

Its form, its radiance, for all to admire.

A once scrawny chick , is now a soaring eagle

With piercing eyes and its wing span so regal.

The day has matured into a dusky twilight

The majestic eagle soon takes its last flight .

The old feathers are tired and his eyes a bit bleary.

Sits alone and isolated in the silence of his eyrie

The red arc soon sizzles into the blue and out of sight

Making way for the darkness of a moonless night.

The eagle has flown on its oh-so powerful wings

Only the twinkle of a star, does his memory bring.

Writer's Island Prompt : "Flight " / 11th April 2008


Crafty Green Poet said...

I love eagles, thanks for sharing this life story here

anthonynorth said...

An interesting poem, and visually good, too.
It really took flight.

texasblu said...

"At the zenith now, the Sun, it is all afire

Its form, its radiance, for all to admire."

Lovely imagery - I enjoyed the symbolism very much. I envisioned my sweetie the entire time. :)

Pauline said...

a wonderful youth to old age story

keith hillman said...

A really powerful piece. love the analogy.

Indrani said...

Captivating story.
You have penned such wonderful lines for the story.

J.C. Montgomery said...

I too love the analogy - of taking the cycle of a man's life and beautifully using that of an Eagle and also of a day to express it.

From sunrise to sunset...from fledgling to the last flight...all births begin as a potential...each ending a reflection of what has been - leaving us with 'the twinkle of a star'

Stunningly beautiful.

shubd said...

@Crafty Green Poet:
Thank you for your visit ..eagles are so inspiring aren't they ?

Thank you :)

Thank you and surely your little one will soar to heights :)

Thank you for your appreciation

@keith hillman
Thank your for your visit and for 'seeing ' the picture :)

Thank you for all your support.

Thank you for your encouragement.

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Clever stuff! and colour coded too..
Love the twinkle of a star ending.

shubd said...


Thanks for your appreciation.
Was just trying to add a little more 'color' to the poem .. :)