Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Thought

Though the witching hour was well past

And Night its starry dragnet had ably cast

Without a sound, very stealthily, it crept

Even as I, so unsuspectingly had slept.

With such skilful legerdemain

It invaded my very private domain

Then after burying itself in my mind’s recess

When suddenly it bubbles up to the surface,

An eternal question to be asked, will be

Do I possess it or it possesses me?

1 comment: said...

your verse is simple and elegant. luv the choice of words and the way you change a thought into poetry. congrats,Shubha. my poems still remain on paper, still not up to putting them online. reading ur work and my children's work too, i feel i must make an effort in that line. hope it clicks sometime.till then let me delight in yours, thanks ever so much for the share phyllis