Saturday, November 3, 2007

Monkey Business

In the jungle once lived there a monkey king.

Who watched smilingly his troops a-swing.

When it struck him, right in his head

A tender coconut, from the palm overhead.

Now besides the throbbing bump that had swelled

As his bruised head he very gingerly held

In between bouts of severe aching pain

He felt this white light flash again and again.

And then though he was so very distraught

He recognized it, though unfamiliar, as THOUGHT …..

Trying to decide how to deal with it best

He got down to introspecting his unusual guest.

With a hint of wonder and a touch of suspicion

He chose to make no hasty decision

He rolled and he toyed and he mulled over it

Until he felt he had the hang of it .

As he reached out to grab and get the feel of it

Into tiny little fragments the THOUGHT did split

Of …“You will rule the world as Mankind “

Only an indecipherable jumble was left behind.

The ill-fated thought like the lump on his head

Had soon subsided to give way instead

To his wanting to be the leader of his simian group

Obeyed and venerated by this almost human troop.

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