Friday, March 14, 2008

Water's Edge.

On the soft ,fine sand lie imprints
Of footsteps ..that once walked that way
A faint outline of blurred footprints
That the rising Tide held in its sway.

For many moons ago there walked

Another ...... dreaming of the stars
With Present and the Future chalked
Unmindful of Life’s unexpected jars.

Though many rising suns have sizzled
Into the cool of the unfathomable Blue
The washed footprints lay nuzzled
By a secluded rock ..waiting to renew..

Into the distant horizon ..their journey.
So what if the Feet are not the same
The Eyes, they will see so surely
The torch of Rising Hope, aflame.


Ashvina said...

Gives me the nicest way of course! May your mind's eye be forever open! :)

Mister KB said...

I love this style of writing... graceful and well formatted... like two sets of foot prints, standing still and watching the sunset... lovely poem!

Indrani said...

Beautiful, one word can evoke these feelings in you.

Ritu said...

Deep .... very elegant. I loved the style

annand said...

these few verses encompass so much, yes it does give gooseflesh, when you absorb every line...slowly! - anand patankar