Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Baby.

As the Night throbbed to the pulsating starlight
Resting on the down, my dreams took a winged flight.
Some of the lanes were brightly lit and other were dark alleys.
Reminders of moments joyous and others of regrets and follies.
I suddenly heard someone whimper and weep
And I was awakened from my flighty sleep.
I kissed her little forehead and stroked her gently
And the two of us were dozing again presently.
She wagged her little tail and woofed in delight
As both of us this time, took that dreamy flight .
We wandered and walked as happy as we could be
Just to be together, in each other’s company.
I suddenly realised she wasn’t by my side
And lay looking rather forlorn by the wayside.
As she looked up at me with those big imploring eyes
I rushed back to her muttering concerned cries .
I picked her up to find ,under her long floppy ear
Was caked blood and a still oozing tear .
As my feet turned cold, I shut my eyes
Which I opened to see the glow of sunrise.
And she stood by my bed saying in her doggie talk
That I should wake up and take her for her walk !
Cookie and I , we walked another couple of years
I watched while she wagged or flapped her long ears.
Then one day she needed a routine operation
And we kept her “nil by mouth” in preparation.

When the deed was done , in her basket I put her.
Her complaining whimpers soon grew to a whisper.
I fussed and talked to her in a comforting voice.
She just looked on with those glistening brown eyes.
With a gush of love I picked up her head
Only to find she’d stopped breathing and was now dead.
I turned her head to see the tear in the ear and the caked blood
I was racked with agony as my tears came out in a flood.
My recurrent dream had come true
For indeed this was déjà vu.

Writer's Island prompt /21 March 2008 : "Déjà vu."


texasblu said...

How sweet! It's been a long time since I had that kind of relationship with a pet - I miss it. :) lovely!

Indrani said...

So sad...
Pets become so much a part of life and when they die, the pain is unbearable.
My daughters too lost one of their lovebirds recently.

You have written it all so well.

Ashvina said...

Such a poignant tale Shubha...apart from the irreparable loss of Cookie...having to experience it twice must have been really harrowing.

Punam said...

This poem was very saddening, Shubd. The pain of loss is always feared, for it's unbearable even to contemplate the loss of a loved one.

J.C. Montgomery said...

*with tears in eyes*

This is sooo touching. I worked for many years as a Vet Asst. and have seen first hand touching scenes as well as dealing with it personally a little over a year ago with my beloved kitty.

Beautiful! Thank you.

SandyCarlson said...

This is a powerful narrative piece. The pain of such times are overwhelming, to say the least. Bless you for finding the words and sharing them.

There is a wonderful book that reflects on animals and dying. It's called Blessing the Bridge by Rita Reynolds. You might like it. (Her site is linked to my home page, and there are many beautiful things to read there.)

God bless, and thanks for stopping by.

Eva said...

Thanks for your visit!

This poem is very sweet, I'm sure Cookie had a great life with you.
You wrote the poem very well, very touching.

happy blogging :)
ps. Sandy is doing great and healing, hope you will find a great companion like Cookie was too :)