Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dream state...and The Awakening

The hurtling bus comes to a crowded stop .

In the sea of humanity I am but a drop.

Alighting quickly I am one amongst the rest.

In the eternal rat race to be only the best.

With the monotonous dreariness of the treadmill

I walk on and up, towards a summitless hill.

With a cursory glance I see the robot army of which I am part

The mechanical motions and the dull steel of the heart.

An unthinking, unfeeling, a dullened and numbed mind

Only a zombie like dream state seems left behind.

The diaphanous curtain billows over the window sill.

Night settles into weary eyes with their eyelashed frill.

Then Sleep lifts me from this world of automaton

And I gently drift the streets with Hope as a beacon.

I reach this hill that was blue in the distant.

Seemed so familiar I knew it in an instant.

In the fraction of a moment I scaled it to the top

For I hitched a ride on a cloud as a rain drop !

All six senses seem alive and well

When in this dream state I seem to dwell......

Which of these worlds, has my life taken?

From which of these dreams do I need to awaken?

Writer's Island prompt : "Fantasy"


niranjan said...

hmmmmmmm.......can actually visualise life in the fast lane.....

Mister KB said...

What a way- "From which of these dreams do I need to awaken?"

Richard said...

Interesting and some nice turns of phrase. Especially liked "hitched a ride on a cloud as a raindrop." Could write a song around that.

Ritu said...

This is a very right brain work .... I love the final line, "From which dream do I need to awaken" Wonder which one would I chose

anthonynorth said...

A dreamy quality all round.

jadey said...

Great post.

Just Jen said...

'in the sea of humanity I am but a drop' I can relate to that! good post!

Rambler said...

I like the conflict you which one is the dream and which the awakening..very nicely done