Saturday, March 22, 2008

Déjà vu

The setting sun framed her face

Highlighting her infinite beauty and grace.

An errant lock brushed her cheek.

Attempting my straying attention to pique.

From the crescent of her lips escaped an alluring smile

To mask her joy, her efforts were deemed futile.

Her welcoming arms , warm with her fragrance

Eased off the pain and held me in a trance.

Against her soft and familiar chest

I finally lay my weary head to rest .

No, I do not relive the past .

But live as I breathe my very last.

So many times I lived the moment of Death

That now when this was truly my last breath

“Been there , done that “ was all I could think

While standing at Life’s precipitous brink.

There was this sense of déjà vu ...

Has this ever happened to you ?

Writer's Island prompt /March 21st, 2008 : Déjà vu


GoldnPoems said...

So far, I could not imagine Death to be a lady! Deja Vu indeed when one meets Death...

Indrani said...

Can death be so beautiful?

paisley said...

oh i can imagine her.. and she is soft and round and ample,, she holds me close to her breast and i feel the warmth inviting me comforting me letting me know at last i have found that elusive place called home...

this piece was ever so beautiful... what an amazing take on the prompt.

Richard said...

For me it wasn't deja vu, but comfort and relief. I know what you're saying.

tumblewords said...

Interesting response... 'To mask her joy, her efforts were deemed futile.' Death does take on a deja vu spirit here.

gautami tripathy said...

WE can really understand death unless we are at the verge of it..

Interesing to imagine, though!

dancing comes full circle

Ashvina said...

Has it ever happened to me? Would that I might remember! :)

Greyscale Territory said...

You have given Death a form of sensual intimacy that is warm and comforting.


texasblu said...

I don't think I've had that experience - I guess I never saw death as a person, but as an experience. Intriguing concept. :) thank you.