Saturday, June 12, 2010

A thought in the passing

A thought fluttered past.
Riding the gentle breeze
That drifted down Memory Lane.
Brown with age
 Its well thumbed edges curled and torn.
Its fragile veins still showing the beauty
Of Love that once flowed through it.
There was new life at the crossroads
Where ambitions and desires went their separate ways.
A decision taken .
Feet that once walked together
Now danced to different drummers .
A thought fluttered past.
Away on the gentle breeze
That drifted to the end of Memory Lane.


InkTank said...

kabhi kisi ko muqammal jahaan nahi milta....feets that walked together, dancing to different drummers now...once again use of very few words to say a lot. and that picture is as eloquent as the verse!

InkTank said...

why does it always happen to all of us? ambitions and desires going in different directions?

Rashmi said...

Beautifully depicted thought!

Nisha said...

Ended tooooo soon!
I want more :)

Mad Kane said...


And thanks so much for participating in my latest Limerick-Off.

Jitu(Jyoti) said...

I have one on a similar allegory of leaves... :)

Yet another lovely verse... :)